Supplements, herbs and a deeper understanding of why we get sick

Using herbal medicines and supplements in our modern age of specialisation and symptomology is an interesting adaption of a healing approach that traditionally had quite a different outlook.Herbalism and many traditional modalities generally seek to support the body's own efforts at healing. Whether prescribing supplements or using massage, the approach seeks to be less "heroic" in its intervention.

And the way the body is viewed in terms of both health and illness incorporates an appreciation of our wider energy structures and qualities.

India and China developed two different approaches that at least shared a recognition of the principle of the life force and its behaviour in the body. The Chinese called it chi and the Indians called it Prana. Keylontic science, as described by the Azurite Press Kathara healing system, places those types of energy within their wider dimensional framework.

Keylontic science describes the primal life force currents within our 12 dimensional matter system. Prana is a dimension 4 curent, chi is a dimension 1 current, the Japanese ki is a dimension 2 current, and rei (of rei-ki) is a dimension 3 current. They describe in detail the theory and application of the different energy currents up to dimension 12 and beyond.

If you've read any works on ayurveda or oriental healing, you may have come across the way they describe the body in terms of 'elements' - the Chinese have the 5 element theory (Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, and Earth) and the Ayurvedic system also has 5 elements, but they are Pitta, Vata, Kapha, Ether and Earth.

Both healing approaches recognise the energetic qualities of food, as well as the inter-relationship between the human organism and her environment - temperature, seasons, and the planets. Illness and wellness are both classified not in terms of a single, fixed causative point, but a dynamic relationship that is uniquely individual.


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