What is Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a term associated with the body in general. There are various aspects of how to stay fit. Primarily it is an act to remain fit to function effectively in daily routine and remain healthy.

Metabolic Fitness: This basically describes the percentage of fat bone and muscles in humans. It varies from person to person considering the height and weight which determine leanness. Fat is determined by considering the thickness of mass below the dermis of the skin. The correct amount of fat in a body is the job of a specialist, who can advise one how to maintain the correct fat in the body. Adequate nutrition and exercise are the main solutions to reduce fat. Ideally, an adult should have 8 to 17 percent of fat in the body.

Cardio Respiratory Fitness: This is the most effective effort to maintain a healthy life style. It is important to take steps to keep the circulation of blood oxygen to the heart. This helps blood to reach the remote parts of the body through body tissues. Regular exercise is an effective way to strengthen the heart muscles so that blood is distributed through the arteries to the whole body. Yoga is an effective way to improve the respiratory system by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body so that oxygenated blood is evenly distributed throughout the body through tissues and arteries

Bone Integrity: Though not so prevalent in the West yet, Yoga Asana is the best say to keep the inelastic joints and muscles to supple and lubricate them. It keeps the body healthy-be it joints, arthritis or allied disease.

Muscular Endurance: Aerobic exercises are the most popular way to exercise all body muscles. Certain yogic exercises, done under supervision, are very helpful to muscular endurance to defeat fatigue throughout the day.

Strength Training: These are basically meant for athletes. Running, jogging, swimming and stretching are the easiest functions to keep bone density, ligament, joints and cardiac functions in shape. Besides athletes, these exercises can also be undertaken by any one to keep the above functions in shape.

In essence physical fitness is an important aspect of keeping healthy and should be incorporated into one’s daily routine. It is a dedicated mindset that drives a human being to keep and extend his life span. Junk foods are best confined to the dustbin. A balanced diet and dedicated exercise mentioned above gives a vibrate life style and an active brain.


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