What Causes Dizziness

Dizziness is a condition that can cause the person to be unable to lead a happy and fulfilling life. This is because when a person has dizziness, then the person has the fear of falling. This prevents the person from being able to participate in the activities of daily living. If a person has dizziness, then it has to be known as to what causes dizziness in that person because there are so many causes of dizziness that unless one knows the specific cause of the dizziness in a person, it is not easy for a person to be able to treat it.

The most common cause of dizziness in a person is the decreased sugar level in the blood. This is a condition that is called as hypoglycemia. A person who has diabetes is more prone for this condition. The person may have taken medications to decrease the sugar levels and this can reduce the sugar levels so much that the person becomes dizzy. Even people who are not affected by diabetes can have dizziness due to hypoglycemia, especially if they have not eaten properly and the blood sugar levels fall drastically.

The next most common cause of dizziness is the decrease in the blood pressure. This is called as hypotension. The decreased blood pressure can cause the person to feel faint and dizzy. Not only the decreased blood pressure, but hypertension or increased blood pressure can also cause a person to have dizziness. This usually occurs when the blood pressure is way beyond the normal levels.

A person who has some problems in the brain can also have dizziness. The most common diseases of the brain that can cause dizziness in a person are stroke and brain tumor. A person with stroke can have deceased blood supply to certain parts of the brain that can cause the person to have dizzy spells. A person who has tumor of the brain can also have dizziness as one of the signs of the disease. This depends on the part of the brain that has got the tumor.

There are also various other causes of dizziness in a person. A person who has been taking various mediations can have dizziness as the medication can cause some changes in the body that include decreasing the blood pressure and also decreasing the sugar levels in the blood. Even old age can cause dizziness because of the decreased blood flow in the arteries to various parts of the body, especially the brain.


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