What Are The Various Causes Of Dizziness

Dizziness is not a disease, but an abnormal condition. If the dizziness causes a person to become unconscious, then it may mean that there is some severe problem. Even the dizziness itself can mean that there is some underlying reason that is causing it. Every person has to know what are the various causes of dizziness, to be able to understand if the problem is life threatening or a simple problem that can be easily controlled and treated.

The first most common but important cause of dizziness is when a person has not eaten properly. With the very high number of people with diabetes, the numbers of people who have dizziness cause of the abnormality in their sugar levels are also increasing. The dizziness occurs because the individual has a sudden drop in the sugar level because of taking medications for the diabetes. Another reason for dizziness in diabetes affected people is that when they do not have their food on time, even without medications, their sugar level in the blood can decrease causing dizziness.

Another reason for dizziness can include low blood pressure in a person. The low blood pressure can be a condition that has been present for a long time, or it can be a sudden condition when the individual has just risen from bed and suddenly has a decrease of blood pressure and feels dizzy. This is very common in old age. Even in people with high blood pressure, dizziness can be common. This is because the blood pressure is so high that the individual is not able to have a normal heart function and this can lead to dizziness.

People who have an underlying heart problem can also have dizziness. This is because of the inadequate blood supply that goes to the various parts of the body that can lead to dizziness. A person who has vertigo which is inadequate blood supply to the brain can also have spells of dizziness.

A person who is on certain medications can also have dizziness at times. This is because the medicines that are taken by the person can have an effect on the persons body that can cause the person to become dizzy. Many drugs that are consumed for various conditions can have the effect where dizziness is common.

Other than those reasons mentioned above, dizziness can also be caused by factors such as increased heat, pregnancy, dehydration and various other problems.


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