How Do I Keep From Getting Sinus

Sinus infection although it is not a serious medical condition, it is surely annoying and costly. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sinus infections affect 32 million people in United States. The doctor visits, prescribed medications, the absences from work, are enough to prove that sinusitis can be an expensive affair. When you get sinus, it is highly uncomfortable and you feel weak, it will affect your work performance because you will not be able to focus on your work. Now you must be thinking, how do I keep from getting sinus?

You can keep yourself from getting sinus by taking some precautionary steps. Keeping yourself healthy will prevent you from colds, which is the main cause of sinus infections. Keep a good hygiene of yourself and you will prevent yourself from catching colds. Wash your hand very often, try to avoid people who are suffering from colds, drink a lot of water, take vitamins supplements and have enough rest. If you can prevent colds, you will definitely able to prevent sinus as well.

Nose allergies will affect your risk of sinusitis, try to keep it under control and avoid anything you are allergic too. Take your allergy shots regularly and do not try to challenge your allergy because most of allergy problem is genetic, which means you are born with it and if you have no idea whether you are allergic or not, you should go to hospital for check up and get screened for allergies.

Avoid smoking, breathing dry air and diving. Smoke can irritate the thin layer in your nose and trigger sinuses, this will also cause the nose to be inflammed. Dry air on the other hand will make your nose dry and your nose will naturally produce more moisture. However the moisture produced maybe too much and it will cause sinus. If the air is dry and there is no way to you prevent it, you should consider yourself buying humidifier.

You should stop blowing your nose, although this sounds odd, blowing your nose too often and too hard can traumatize the nasal tissue and this will cause blockage as the result of the swelling of the nasal passages. When the nasal passage is blocked, you will get a sinus infection.


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