What Do Warts Look Like

Warts are often being confused with things like blisters or pimples, although warts do look a little like that but it is caused by different thing. Warts can be classified as an early level of skin tumors and they are caused by virus infection. The virus that lives in the skin will confuse your body resulting your body to replicate skins that are different from your normal skin. Warts are caused by a strain of virus called papillomavirus and every different strain of the virus will result in the different appearance of the wart. You maybe are wondering how do warts look like.

Warts usually appear and look like cauliflower on your skin or it will look like a smooth harden blister skin. Where as for the thinner part of the skin, like the facial part of the skin, the warts tend to grow in a very small and narrow column. However, on the thicker skin, the warts will fuse on the early stage. Sometimes these warts may have black specks embedded in them, where it is actually the blood vessels that have grown into the wart and has clotted off.

The most famous myth about warts is that they grow up out of your skin and it also grows deep down inside your skin with a root-like system. However, the medical studies have prove this myth to be wrong, as that a wart does not grow down past the dermis of your skin, the second layer of your skin. The bottom of the wart is smooth and it is not rooted.

Warts are caused by a virus infection so there will be a chance of you being infected by touching it. Warts can infect a person in silent and some people may not know that they are infected with warts, as it will not be visible. However some strains of virus are stronger than the other and will emerge earlier compared to other strain of viruses.

If you are infected with warts, it is advisable that you consult your doctor immediately as warts may cause skin cancer.


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