What Causes Belly Fat

Belly fat is a common problem that many people have. Fitness freaks are able to avoid the belly fat because of their fitness routine. There are other people who lead a sedentary life and they are highly prone to belly fat. Even people who do not lead a very sedentary life may be prone to get belly fat. So what causes belly fat that all people seem to be prone to getting it at some point in their life?

The causes for belly fat are many. One of the causes is the lack of exercise. A person who lacks adequate walking and other type of exercises are prone to have belly fat. The person who eats a lot and does very little exercise is also prone to get belly fat. These are the two most common causes of belly fat. When a person does not do adequate exercises, the food consumed by the person gets stored in the body because the energy is not expended. The energy that was got from the food consumed is then converted into fat and is deposited in the belly.

The genetics and heredity also play a role in the belly fat. There are two types of body structure. One is the pear shaped person and the other is the apple shaped person. A person who has a pear shaped body has the fat deposits more in the buttock region. A person who has an apple shaped body structure has the fat deposited in the frontal part or the belly causing belly fat.

Eating at night is another common cause of belly fat. There are a lot of people who start eating at night. They do so as they watch television and this makes them eat a lot of fried foods. This causes the person to have belly fat because the food does not have enough time to be digested and there is a higher risk for frontal obesity or belly fat.

A person who is very easily stressed or has a lot of stress is also prone to have frontal obesity. Belly fat occurs in a person who is under great stress because stress can cause more hunger in a person and this in turn causes the person to eat more. This increased intake of food causes the person to have belly fat. These are the various causes of belly fat. Almost all of these causes can be modified by healthy lifestyle to prevent the belly fat.


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