What Are The Symptoms Of A Stroke

Stroke is also called as a cerebrovascular accident. It is a common condition that is seen in many people. It is usually caused by a clot in the brain. It can also be caused if an artery in the brain ruptures and there is a bleed. This is called as a hemorrhagic stroke. When there is a clot in the artery of the brain and causes stoke, it is called as an infarct. It is not very easy to identify stroke in the early stages because usually the symptoms set in slowly. So this article explains what are the symptoms of a stroke, that a person can identify early enough, so that they will be able to seek and get early and adequate treatment.

The person who has been affected by stroke will have a decrease in the sensation of certain parts of the body. This may not be seen in all people affected by stroke. This is because when the person gets affected by stroke, only the muscle power may be affected in some people. Only a few may have their sensation affected.

Some people who are affected by stroke will have a decrease in the strength of their muscles. This is because the brain is the part of the body that controls the movement done by the muscles and other voluntary action. In stroke, due to lack of blood supply, a part of the brain can die. This can cause the person to have decreased ability or complete loss of ability to move the limb.

Some people who have stroke can also have loss of bladder and bowel control. They are not able to feel the sensation of urinating and emptying the bowels, and they have incontinence. Other than this, there are some people who have a loss of the ability to speak. This occurs in people because the death of a part of the brain that controls the speech of a person.

There are also other kinds of symptoms that can be seen in a person with stroke. These include loss of vision, paralysis of muscles of the face causing facial paralysis. The other signs could be loss of memory or amnesia. These are some of the various signs and symptoms seen in a person with stroke. It should be remembered that all these signs may not be present in a person suffering from stroke. The signs may vary from person to person depending on the part of the brain that was damaged.


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