What Are The Possible Causes Of Leukemia

Leukemia is one of the deadliest medical condition in the world. In United States alone the accumulated death tolls have reached 1 million. No one really knows what exactly causes Leukemia. Even the doctor can’t explain why a person have higher risk of Leukemia and others don’t. However, through a thorough research, the medical practitioners are now able to determine what are the possible causes of Leukemia. These possible causes are anything that increases the probability of a person developing this deadly disease.

High level of radiation is one of the possible causes of people developing Leukemia. People who are exposed to very high levels of radiation will have higher probability in developing Leukemia. Such causes have been proven true during the World War II when the atomic bomb explosions in Japan happen, a lot of people are being diagnosed with Leukemia including the US army. Some chronic medical treatment may use radiation to kill the deadly cells in the body. This can be another source of high-level exposure to the body and it may cause Leukemia. While on the other hand, exposure to much lower levels of radiation will not be able to cause Leukemia.

Certain chemical reaction is also the possible causes of Leukemia. If you are exposed to high levels of benzene everyday in your workplace, you will be most likely to develop Leukemia and the worse part is, benzene is a widely used chemical in the chemical industry. It is advisable that you go for routine check up if you are working in this line. Formaldehyde, another widely used chemical type in the chemical industry also known to cause Leukemia due to the long term exposure of your body to it.

Leukemia in children maybe caused by a genetic misfortune. Some children who are born with down syndrome may develop Leukemia as the disease caused by their abnormal chromosomes in the body will increase the risk of Leukemia. Infants that are born with Leukemia may have got it from their parents’ cells. If their parents are exposed to high level of radiation and do not develop leukemia, it may have genetically mutated their cells and it is being transferred to their child.

If you think you are at the risk because you happen to be in the situation of the possible causes of Leukemia, it is highly advisable for you to consult your doctor.


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