What Are The Causes Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the common problems that occurs to people of all ages. People who are diagnosed with hearing loss may have other problems associated with it. Hearing loss may also cause some mental impairment such as self isolation or loneliness. The inability to communicate with other people will cause them to isolate themselves. However, with all the advancement of medical advances for the past few decades hearing loss can now be fix. However, you may want to know what are the causes of hearing loss to prevent it, as prevention is better than cure.

One of the most common reasons for hearing loss is the congenital defect in the ear, which occurs during the time of birth and this may causes complete or partial hearing loss. This problem can be fixed with light surgery when the child is old enough or they can wear hearing aid to help them to hear.

Age is one of the reason for hearing loss. As you grow older, the systems and organs in your ear will get weaker and you may experience hearing loss, which is always seen that older people have difficulty of hearing. However, total hearing loss is very unlikely to be caused by old age. The total hearing loss can be caused by any loud noise or explosion. Excessive wax can also cause a person to suffer from hearing loss but this condition can be cured easily by removing the wax and the individual will be able to hear again.

Tumors growth in certain parts of the ear can cause hearing loss. This kind of hearing loss can be cured if it is diagnosed earlier and the operation to remove the tumor is being carried in an early stage. Ear infection will also cause hearing loss because infection will cause pus build up in the ear, which will results in hearing loss.

The damage to the nerve in the ear will cause hearing loss because the ear will not be able to transmit the impulse to the brain. Head injury may also cause hearing loss because the injury may damage your nerves and injure your ear.


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