What Are The Causes Of Hearing Impairment

Hearing impairment is a common problem that is seen in many people. It is usually thought that hearing impairmentoccurs only in people who are old. It has to be understood that hearing impairment is not only a problem of old age, but is regularly seen in people from the younger age group too. Every individual should know what are the causes of hearing impairment, as it will help them someday in preventing the hearing impairment either for themselves or those around them.

There are various factors that can cause the hearing impairment that occurs. One of the causes for hearing impairment is the hereditary component. There are some people who have hearing impairment running in their family. This can cause the children and their generation also to be affected by hearing impairment. This usually occurs in diseases that are transferred from one generation to another like Hunters syndrome and also hereditary neuritis where the nerve is affected.

In many cases, the hearing impairment is due to a congenital defect. The congenital defect can be in the part of the ear or a part of the brain. These congenital diseases are usually hard to treat and the person with hearing impairment because of this cause has to live with the condition with minimal help. There are also cases where the child who is affected by diseases in early childhood can cause the hearing impairment to occur. This is commonly seen in conditions like rubella and others.

Ear infection that occurs due to various diseases factors can also cause hearing impairment. This can cause a reversible impairment, though there are times when the hearing impairment is not reversible. Otitis media is one example of middle ear infection.

The natural process of ageing can also be a cause of hearing impairment. This is the most common cause o hearing loss and many people who lose their hearing are in this age group.

The other cause of hearing loss occurs when there is a loud noise ear the ear that damages the ear. This is seen in people who have been in the vicinity of a bomb explosion. They start getting hearing impairment that can be progressive or sudden loss of hearing. The next cause of hearing loss can be the use of drugs that can make the ear o lose the function. Wax in the ear and brain injury can also be other causes of hearing impairment.


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