What Are The Causes Of Congestive Heart Failure

There are various kinds of heart problems and one of the common conditions of the heart that can even cause death in the individual is the congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is a condition where the heart of the person is put through a great stress because of the inability to meet the demand of the Oxygen by the tissues. A person who has been affected by congestive heart failure may like to know what are the causes of congestive heart failure. This is because once they know the cause of the heart failure, then they can at least take some preventive steps to prevent the condition from worsening.

Congestive cardiac failure occurs when the heart muscles are weaker and they will not be able to keep up with the demand for the Oxygen by various tissues in the body. The other reason could be strenuous activity by the person which may make a great demand for Oxygen by the tissues. This demand for Oxygen that is greater than normal may not be feasible because even after over activity, the heart may not be able to pump too much blood to keep up with the Oxygen demand and this can cause congestive heart failure.

There are also various other conditions that can cause heart failure in this mechanism because of the weakness of the heart muscle. A person with coronary heart disease may have congestive heart failure because of the blockage in the coronary vessels that cause the blood to be stagnated and the blood does not flow into the heart and so there is decreased blood supplied to the various tissues in the body. This is the reason for coronary artery disease causing congestive heart failure.

Congestive heart failure can also occur when the person has high blood pressure. This is because the person will not be able to have adequate blood flowing to all parts of the body because of the high blood pressure. A person can also have congestive cardiac failure because of the longstanding alcohol abuse that the person may have been having. The person who drinks a lot of alcohol can have various conditions that are caused by the drinking and one of the conditions that occur as a result of this habit is the heart failure.
A person with heart valve disorders and also stiffening of the heart muscles can have the same kind of effects and that is the congestive cardiac failure.


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