What Are The Causes Of Blurred Vision

Blurring of vision can be a problem that can affect people of any age group. People often confuse blurring of vision with other eye problems. Actually many people confuse the blurring in their vision with vision problems like double vision and also other problems including decreased vision. The blurring in the vision itself can vary from person to person in the severity of the blurring. At the same time, the variation can be in the number of eyes affected by the blurring. Some people have only one eye affected by the blurring. Other people have blurring in both their eyes. So what are the causes of blurred vision needs to be answered.

There are various causes of blurring in the vision of a person. Many people have refractive errors in the eye. In these people, the image when it falls on the eye can have a blurring. This is by far the commonest cause of blurring of the vision.

Short sightedness or myopia is considered to be another cause of blurring of the eye. This condition is also called as near sightedness. Here the person is able to see some objects at specific distances, but all other vision seems blurred when the person views these objects. Similarly, the condition that is very similar to the short sight which is long sight or hypermetropia is another cause for the blurring in the vision. In these people, people are able to see what is far away from them, but the objects that are closer to them are blurred. These are the next most common reasons for the blurring of vision.
Sometimes, when people do not wear the correct glasses that they have to wear, they can have blurring of their vision. The common problem in this is that people may not buy their glasses after getting the prescription from the eye doctor. They just buy the glasses off the shelf and this can cause blurring of the vision.

Almost all the other eye defects and problems can also cause blurring of the vision at some point of time in those affected by the eye problems. Some of these common problems that cause blurring of vision are glaucoma and all the subtypes of glaucoma. Macular degeneration is also another common cause of blurring of vision. This is a common problem in older age group people in whom this condition is called as senile macular degeneration.

Cataract which is a condition that affects millions of people in the developing and undeveloped countries is another major cause of blurring of vision in the early stages before the vision itself is affected. These are the common conditions of blurring of vision.


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