What Are The Causes Of Angina

Angina is a pain that occurs in the chest wall area. The pain can be a sharp shooting type that can mean that the individual suffering from this kind of pain has some heart problem and needs immediate care. This is the reason for every person to be able to identify and do the needful to those suffering from angina. Knowing what are the causes of angina will help people to be able to decrease the risk of getting this kind of pain.

Angina is a kind of pain that occurs because of decreased blood to the heart muscles. The heart actually is made up of muscle tissue. The muscles when they contract cause the pumping of the blood that is the function of the heart. The heart muscles need adequate supply of Oxygen for them to be able to work continuously day in and day out with no fatigue.

In some people who suffer from various diseases like cholesterol, there is a formation of atherosclerosis in the vessels that take blood to the heart. When the formation of these plaques is clogging the arteries, the heart is not able to get the blood supply due to the block. Along with the decreased blood supply occurs the decreased Oxygen to the heart. This decreased Oxygen causes the muscle in the heart to slowly start dying. This causes the pain that is called angina.

This kind of pain should be considered to be a medical emergency and the person should have adequate treatment to prevent the heart muscles from dying This is because when they die, they will stop functioning and the individual with the angina will die.

Another cause of angina is also present and this is very similar to the previous cause, but with a small change. In this case, there can be a small embolism or a clot of blood that causes the block in the vessels that supply blood to the heart. When the emboli block the artery, the pain in the chest can be immense. This kind of pain is very intense and the person suffers a lot.

There are also various other triggers that case the pain to start. These triggers include excessive food intake, cold or very hot climates and even excessive smoking. A person who has already had episodes of pain in the chest should make sure to avoid these triggers to prevent the pain in the chest.


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