How Much Tylenol Is Too Much

Tylenol is the popular over pain killer and fever remedy, its active ingredients acetaminophen however possesses a “Dr Jekyll and Hyde” personality. It is because it works well in relieving pain as well as damaging your liver if you consume it too much. Although Tylenol is one of the safest drugs if it is taken according to the recommended doses. However, it is often being abused by people and they then to overdose their consumption of Tylenol. Therefore, it is important for you to know how much Tylenol is too much so that you will not abuse and overdose the medication.

In the United States of America, acetaminophen overdose is the number one cause of the acute liver failure. Based on the recent study conducted over six year period, the incidence of acetaminophen-induced liver failure has increase in significant amount, from 20 percent it sky rocketed to 51 percent. A huge number of these cases were the suicide attempts (intentional) and the lack of knowledge of the right amount doses that can be taken at one time. However, accidental overdoses were responsible for almost half of the cases and it usually involved people who are taking two or more acetaminophen-containing products at the same time or prescription narcotic pain relievers containing acetaminophen, it is advisable that you tell your doctor that you are currently taking Tylenol, so that your doctor will not prescribed you another medicine that contain acetaminophen. Of those people who suffer from acetaminophen-induced liver failure, 35 percent has become deceased and some had undergone a liver transplant.

At recommended doses, Tylenol is not dangerous at all. The liver will breaks down acetaminophen for removal process from the body. However, if the body consumes excessive doses, it can actually overwhelm the liver causing it to choose another alternative breakdown route, which is the route that produces a liver toxic compound. The generally safe dosage is 4000 mg over 24 hours.

In all cause avoid taking more than 4000 mg at one time or taking lower doses several times in 24 hours that exceed a total of 4000 mg. The extra strength acetaminophen pills from the pharmacy usually contain 500 mg, so eight pills will be the maximum amount you can take in 24 hours time.


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