How Much Money Is Spent On Cancer Research

Cancer is the number one killer in the United States of America. It is estimated that 7.6 million people die due to various forms of cancer in 2007 and the statistics shows that 13% of all deaths are due to this disease. Cancer is known as the nature’s killing machine by scientists over the years and up until today, where technology is so advance the scientists are still not able to find the cure for cancer. Although with the technological advancement, cancer cells can be killed if it is diagnosed early but if cells have grown to a stronger state, there would be no cure for cancer. The scientists continue to work hard and try to find solution for cancer and it requires a lot of funding but exactly, how much money is spent on cancer research?

There isn’t an exact answer of how much money is spent on cancer research as some companies will have different funding scheme and there are kind souls that donate their money for cancer research body but wished to have their details to be undisclosed. However, there are some facts from the medical world that we are able to know. American Cancer Society, known as ACS has invested more than 2 billion dollars up until today in research trying to find a cure for cancer. The NCI is also known to spend 5-6 million dollars a year researching cancel and trying to develop treatment for cancer.

However, some states have their own cancer research institute that is researching for the cure. In the states for California alone, 10-12 million dollars a year is spend by the state to fund the cancer research. It is obviously a very low amount of funding as the equipment for the cancer research could cost the institute a bomb.

There are also other government bodies, voluntary organizations, private institutions and industry, which spend substantial amounts of money on cancer research and all them, are looking for an answer. The cure for cancer.


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