What Is Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is a condition that is not as common as high blood pressure. The blood pressure is actually the force that is excreted by the blood that is flowing in the body on the vessels or the arteries of the body. This force causes the blood to flow and can be recorded as the blood pressure of a person. Usually there are many conditions that can cause high blood pressure and people take adequate care for it. Many people do not know what is low blood pressure because it is not considered to be a deadly condition like the high blood pressure.

The fact that low blood pressure is not dangerous as high blood pressure may be true to an extent, but it should be understood that low blood pressure too has various effects that can be dangerous. Low blood pressure is also called as orthostatic hypotension. This is a condition where the person who has low pressure when moving from the sitting or lying position to the standing position will have fainting attacks. This happens because when the person is in the recumbent position, there is a polling of blood in the lower half of the body and when the person gets up due to the decreased pressure, is not able to reach the upper part of the body. This causes the person to faint.

There are various causes of low blood pressure. The most common cause is hypovolemic shock that can occur when the person looses a lot of blood. This can usually occur when the person has had a bleeding injury or an accident and has lost a lot of blood. Certain diseases like Addisons disease can also cause the blood pressure of a person to be lowered. There are also other causes of lowered blood pressure and this includes the use of certrain medications. People who have a history of high blood pressure and are on high doses of medicines to lower the pressure may suddenly have a drop in the blood pressure.

The person with decreased blood pressure can have various symptoms like light headedness, dizziness, fainting attacks and various other problems. There can also be other symptoms like headache, blurred vision and also numbness. Adequate care of these people who suffer from low blood pressure is very essential to prevent them from falling down and injuring themselves. Regular checking of blood pressure should be done and the person should be asked to take care in all activities.


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