What Can I Expect After Bunion Surgery

Bunions are common in certain groups of people who wear tight fitting shoes. There are also many other people who suffer from this condition due to various other causes. Bunion is a painful swelling in the great toe usually, but the bunion can occur in other areas too. Bunion surgery is usually called as bunionectomy and it is the removal of the excess growth of the bone. This can be painful after the surgery is over, but it is nothing compared to the pain that you have felt before undergoing the surgery. Any surgery can be scary and you might think what can I expect after bunion surgery and that is what is explained below.

There are various things that can be expected immediately after the bunion surgery is done and that is the immediate medical care in the area where you recuperate after the anesthesia was given to do the surgery. Once the anesthesia effect wears off, you are asked to pass urine before being sent home as inability to pass urine is a complication of the anesthesia.

After that is done, you are given a pair of crutches to avoid weight bearing on the area that had the surgery done and you might also be given a shoe according to the area where the bunion was present. The shoe is fitted in such a way that the area where the surgery was done is not compressed. After all this is done, you are discharged to go home.

After you go home, you might need to go back to the hospital again after about a week to have the sutures removed. This is a very important aspect of the wound healing. There are times when the wound can be infected too and this can cause non healing of the wound site. There can also be foul smelling discharge in the affected area. This should be treated with antibiotics and other medications.

Pain is also common and can be expected by you after bunion surgery has been done. The shaving off of the excess bone can cause pain in the site where the bunion was removed. The pain can also be due to the soft tissue that was cut during the surgery. All these are the most common features that can be expected by you after you have had bunion removal surgery. There can be variations in what is actually experienced by you as the post operative signs can vary from one person to another person.


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