What Are The Common Causes Of Chest Pain

Chest pain is a condition that makes a person more stressed and in turn increases the pain in the chest. There are mnay conditions in which the person can have pain in the chest. There are a few conditions that are very dangerous and others that can be easily overcome. So every person has to know what are the common causes of chest pain because knowing the cause will help the person to take appropriate treatment. Taking correct and appropriate treatment early will help to even save the life of the person who is suffering from chest pain.

There are many causes of pain in the chest. The most common cause that comes to mind when one thinks of chest pain is the cardiac cause of the pain. The person who has had a heart attack in which the person’s heart has had a decrease in blood supply due to the block in the coronary artery will have pain in the chest. This is also called as myocardial infarction. This kind of pain will be a griping pain that causes the person not to be able to even take a deep breath. This pain is also associated with radiating pain, usually into the left arm. This has to be treated immediately to save the person from serious complications.

The other important and common cause of pain in the chest is gastritis. This kind of pain is relatively safe to deal with. A person who has had a lot of spicy food to eat usually suffers from this kind of pain. The gastritis pain can move from one area to another.

When the person has had a fall and the pain is after the fall, it could mean that there is a fracture of the ribs. This can be diagnosed conclusively if a chest radiograph is taken of the chest wall. This will show the presence or absence of a fracture and can be treated effectively by strapping the chest wall.

Angina is another common but dangerous sign of heart disease. This kind of pain is also present in the chest area and the person may have the pain for a long time. The pain may increase on exertion because in this condition, there is a narrowing of the heart vessels decreasing the Oxygen supplied to the heart. So when a person exerts more, the blood has to flow with high pressure and this can cause more pain. This also needs immediate medical attention.


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