What Are The Causes Of Memory Loss

Memory loss is a very important condition socially. This is because memory loss is a condition that can affect the social participation of the individual. There are various causes of memory loss that each and every person should know because only when an individual knows what are the causes of memory loss can adequate steps to prevent the memory loss be taken.

The primary cause of memory loss that affects many people around the world seems to be old age. The number of people in the old age group keeps increasing with the increased availability of health and medical care. This has led to more people being at a risk of memory loss. Memory loss causes the people to lose track of various things. There are people who have severe memory loss who may not even remember who they are. There are others with a mild form of memory loss where they only forget a few things, like misplacing various things.

Other than old age, the other most important cause of memory loss is disease. There are a lot of diseases that can cause memory loss in an individual. Stroke is one condition that can cause the individual to have memory loss. This is because when a peson is affected by stroke, a part of the brain is dead because of the decrease in the blood supply to the part of the brain. If the part of the brain that is concerned wtith memory gets affected, then it can lead to memory loss.

Other diseases that can cause loss of memory are those affecting the brain. Diseases like Parkinsonism, Alzheimers disease are also some of the common causes of memory loss. Repeated injuries to the head can also be the cause of memory loss. This can commonly be seen in boxers who have had injury to their brain over a period of many years and they commonly have memory loss.

People who have had head injury also can have memory loss. There are many incidents of road accidents where the barin is damaged and this can also be the cause of memory loss in an individual. A person who has had any surgery to the brain can also have memory loss after the surgery because of damage to the brain during surgery.

There are many people who do not exercise their brain adequately. These are people who do not think adequately and may not really put their brains to work. These are also the people who are highly prone for memory loss.


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