What Are The Causes Of Irregular Heartbeats

Irregular heartbeats is also known as cardiac arrhythmias or commonly known as arrhythmias. The normal, healthy body has a constant heartbeat rhythm that ensures essential blood flow throughout the body goes unnoticed. However, for some people, electrical impulse that synchronizes the heart beat does not function properly in their body causing the heart to beat in an irregular pattern. Irregular heartbeats are fairly common sickness in the United States. Some people may experience that their heart has skipped a beat, while others may feel that their heart have an unexpected fluttering heart beat pattern. Although most of the irregular heartbeats are harmless, some can be extremely dangerous and require medical treatment.

There are plenty of causes for irregular heartbeats and sometimes you may not be able to figure out the causes at all. However, people with healthy hearts and no other underlying health concerns, developing a dangerous irregular heartbeats will be rare. However, the bigger concerns goes to those who have been diagnosed with a condition that influences blood supply to the heart or anything that have got to do with the heart because the most common cause of irregular heartbeats is heart disease as the injured heart will interfere with the electric impulses of the heart.

If you have been diagnosed with irregular heartbeats, depending on the causes and the severity of it you may not required treatment, as you will be able to manage it by changing your lifestyle and diets. However, if your doctor suspects the irregular heartbeats maybe the symptoms of serious heart disease and it may result in complications, medical treatment will be necessary. By shifting your diet to heart-healthy diet combined with a regular exercise plan and reducing your intake of alcohol and caffeine, it is very likely that the irregular heartbeats can be greatly reduced and prevented as you are preventing yourself from heart diseases. If you are a smoker, it is advisable that you quit smoking as cigarettes is the number one causes of heart diseases.


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