What Are The Causes Of Heart Flutters

Heart flutters also known as heart palpitations is a condition where your heart beats extremely fast which feels that you have been running or did some hard exercise. The flutter will cause a brief sensation, as if your heart has skipped a beats but what are the causes of heart flutters? When the human heart normally only beats around 60 to 100 times each minute. However, when the heart flutters it beats faster without even any exercises done or anything.

There are few causes of heart flutters where the heart flutters can be caused by external factors as well as internal factors.

Heart flutters can happen when you consume the stimulants for it. Diet pills, which contain high level of caffeine, nicotine or even cocaine are the causes of heart flutters. Caffeine that is found in soda, coffee, energy drinks are known to have a trigger effect for heart flutters.

Human’s body is very emotionally attached. When you are panic or having anxiety attack, your heart tends to beat faster than usual and this situation is usually comes with shortness of breath. When your body struggles to catch a breath, your heart will tend to flutter causing it to beat faster. This situation is usually a result from a phobia. When you are faced with your phobia, you will tend to panic and you will face a shortness of breath.

If you are having with hay fever, increased body temperature and your body temperature are higher that 37 degrees Celsius, you heart will tend to flutter and beat faster. You will also be gasping for breath most of the times.

Your heart may flutter when you are engaged into a heavy exercise. When you engage into an intense activity in short period of time, you heart will race as you will be gasping for breath. It is advisable that before you are about to engage into heavy activity or exercise, you are advised to warm up first in order to prevent your heart from getting a “surprise” activity.

Certain medication cause your heart to flutters, certain asthma inhalers contains stimulants that may cause irregular heart beat and this situation will cause your heart flutter as well.


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