How To Get Rid Of Fleas

There are many houses that have a lot of insects in them, but one of the most annoying insects inside the house are the fleas. There are many places where these fleas can hide and this causes a great deal of trouble to all the people inside the house. Since the fleas also start living on the cats (cat fleas) and dogs, which are in your house as pets, the problem gets worse. Every person in the house where the fleas are present would like to know how to get rid of fleas in your house.

There are many simple methods of getting rid of these fleas, but only the best of these methods will be able to completely get rid of these fleas. The first step is to know about the fleas because only if you know all about the fleas will you be able to get rid of them. Any insect that lives on the host and lives by the blood that is sucked from the host is called as a flea. One important factor that has to be understood before getting rid of the fleas is that the fleas have the ability to multiply into millions in a matter of a few days. This makes it all the more important to get rid of the fleas as early as possible.

There are many methods to get rid of the fleas, but the first method would be to vacuum your house. The reason behind this is that the fleas form into pupae that live in cocoons. These cannot be destroyed by any kind of insecticide. So, vacuuming is the only option available to destroy them in their cocoons. It is also very important to vacuum all the corners of the house as the fleas love these hiding places. Other than this, you should also vacuum all the carpets and rugs as these are places where the fleas feel comfortable and lay eggs.

Another important method of getting rid of the fleas is to use various kinds of insecticides. The important aspect that has to be remembered here is that the insecticide should be ones that are insect growth regulators. This is very important because only when the insecticides have insect growth regulators in them will the insecticide be able to break the life cycle of these fleas. These are insect growth regulators prevent the fleas from laying eggs by reducing their maturity levels. They also help to kill many of the other fleas around.

Getting rid of the fleas in the house is the first step in getting rid of the fleas. If you have fleas in your pets, then that is the next target for you. If you have a pet dog, the method of getting rid of the fleas from the dog will be completely different from getting rid of the fleas from the cat. This is because the shampoo used on your dog can be fatal on your cat.

The dogs have to be first washed and their fur shampooed with those that are specifically present to remove the fleas on dogs. These can be got with the advice of your veterinarian. After the shampooing is done and the dog is washed, the fleas have to be removed from the hair on the dog. This can be done with special flea removers.

Sand fleas are common in various parts of the house. These multiply very quickly outside the house in the dust. These can be prevented from entering the house by sprinkling salt in the doorway. Other than this, try to get rid of the sand fleas using borax and also diatamaceous earth. Flea bombs can also be used, but they can be quite dangerous at times.

To get rid of the fleas on your cat, you have to use a flea comb to take out all the fleas. Once this is done, you can shampoo your cat with a flea control shampoo made especially for cats. Do not use a general flea control shampoos as they can be toxic for your cat. Disinfect the bed on which your cat is lying by washing it in a flea control disinfectant to make sure that the fleas do not get back.

These are the various methods of getting rid of every single flea from your house.


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