How Much Sleep Do We Need

Sleep is a very important part of each of our daily lives. A person has to sleep at least for a few hours each day to maintain a healthy and normal lifestyle. There are various complications that can occur in a person if they do not sleep adequately each day. The duration of sleep that a person needs each day might vary from person to person depending on various factors like age and the health condition of the individual. It may also depend on the medications that a person is taking each day.

A small child needs at least 18 hours of sleep each day in the first few weeks after birth. The duration of sleep that the child needs will decrease as the child grows older. When the child is about a few months old, the duration of sleep that the child needs will reduce to anything between 10 hours a day to about 15 hours a day. This again progressively decreases and a child of about 2 years old will need only about 10 hours of sleep a day.

When the child grows into an adult, the person will need about 6 to 7 hours of sleep each day. Various researchers say that about 8 hours of sleep each day is very important for the good health of the individual. If the person sleeps for less than the specified amount of time each day, then the person will be at risk of getting diseases like hypertension. This is because of the stress that is associated with the lack of sleep. The increased stress can also lead to other stress related illnesses.

There are various reasons for people sleeping less or more than the required amount of time. People who sleep less than the required amount of time may be doing it because of the use of various medications that can cause insomnia or lack of sleep. The use of various stimulants can also cause the person to have decreased sleep. Excess stress can itself lead to lack of sleep. Similarly, in a person who sleeps a lot more than the required amount of time, the cause could be laziness where the individual is used to sleeping a lot. It can also be due to the various medications that the person is taking which can itself cause increased sleep.

It should be remembered that a normal adult should sleep for at least seven to eight hours to have a healthy life. Sleeping less or more can be harmful for the individual.


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