How Long Do Hemorrhoids last

Hemorrhoids are a condition that commonly affects people. In fact many people know the condition by the name piles. This condition occurs because of the enlargement of the veins and other tissues in the anal and rectal area. The people who are affected by this condition suffer a lot. This is because of the pain and the various other symptoms that are associated with the hemorrhoids. This is a condition that causes severe problems in some people. Other people on the other hand will have mild symptoms. How long do hemorrhoids last is a common question that many people who suffer from this condition ask. This is mainly because the duration is not the same even in the same person who have this condition.

Hemorrhoids can last for a very short period in some people. This is especially true in people who are having this condition for the first time in their life. A person who has been having the hemorrhoids for a long time will have the condition lasting for a longer period of time in each episode. This should be remembered because this is the first and the most important factor that plays a role in the duration for which the hemorrhoids can last. A person who is having this condition for the first time in their life will have the condition last for a very short time which can be anywhere from one day to two days.

The duration of the condition increases as the condition becomes chronic in the person. The second time the person suffers from hemorrhoids; it can last for a longer period that can range from two days to four days. As the chronicity of the condition increases, the person can have the condition lasting even up to a period of two weeks. This causes severe problems including pain and discomfort for the person suffering from this condition.

The duration of the hemorrhoids can also depend on the type of hemorrhoids that the person has got. If the person has got internal hemorrhoids, then it can last for about a week. If there is a prolapse in the condition that has affected the person, then the duration of the condition can increase and the hemorrhoids can even last for a period of about two months. This makes one to understand the fact that there can be no specific duration for the condition to last, but actually depends on the type of hemorrhoids that the person has, the severity and the frequency of the hemorrhoids.


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