How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System

Each and every person who is on various drugs will have a doubt and that will be how long do prescription drugs stay in your system. There are different kinds of drugs that are present and the time for which the drugs or their residue can stay in the body, after a person has been using drugs, depends on various factors.

The age of the person is a factor that will have an effect on the time for which the drug can be present in the body. The older the person, the longer will be the drug in the body of the person. The metabolic rate of the person is another factor on which the duration for which the drug can stay in the body depends.

The type of drug is another important factor because there are certain drugs that will be staying in the person’s body and will take a longer time to be expelled. The person who is addicted to certain drugs will want to ingest the drugs as soon as the effect of the previous dose of the drug wears off. This does not mean that the drug that was ingested has been expelled from the system. The drug residues stay on in the system to cause various problems.

The tolerance limit of the person also is an important factor if one likes to know as to how long the drug will stay in the system. The amount of drug that is consumed by the person is the most important factor because if the drug amount consumed is quite large, then it will remain in the system for a longer time. The intensity or the purity of the drug is another factor that also plays a major role in the time for which the drug will stay in the system.

The usual time for which the drug stays in the system can be anything from 6 hours which is the lowest limit because all drugs will stay in the body for at least this much of time. The maximum time for which the drug can stay in the system can be as long as 24 hours. The 24 hours is the time up to which the drug can be active.

Residues of the drug can even stay in the body for a lifetime if it is absorbed and converted into various toxins. All the time limits given here are dependent on the various factors that have been mentioned already.


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