How Is Heart Disease Treated

In the United States of America, heart disease is the number one killer for both men and women due to the Americans living lifestyle and their unhealthy diet. Lack of exercise is also one of the main causes of heart disease, heart disease is caused by a plaque of fat that surround the walls of the arteries in the body. When the heart’s aorta artery is blocked, which is the main artery in the heart that receive blood and oxygen this will cause some serious complication such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and angina. All of the heart complications can prove to be fatal if it is not being treated properly but how is heart disease treated?

The treatment for heart disease varies from the type of heart disease you are suffering from. If you have a mild heart attack, do not wait, as you must seek help immediately. Do not ignore the chest pain or any chest discomfort, your time is essential. Call 911 for ambulance or if you have to drive to the hospital, get someone to drive you there.

If you have aspirin available, chew and swallow 1 aspirin. Aspirin helps to maintain your blood flow through a clot-filled artery by opening the clot for the blood to flow better. Chewing the aspirin will help it to get into your body system faster than swallowing it whole because by swallowing it whole, your body will need to dissolve the aspirin but if you chew it, your body will only need to dissolve a smaller chunk making it faster to get into your system.

In the hospital, heart disease patients will be treated immediately before a diagnosis of heart problems is made. The general treatment is known to help all heart disease patients. A heart disease patient will wear a mask with an oxygen tube connected to the mask, nitroglycerin will be put under the tongue to dissolve slowly and get into the body system. The doctor will also give the patient pain medicines to sustain the pain the patient is suffering from. The pain medicines given are usually morphine or meperidine.

If the heart disease is very severe, a heart bypass surgery will be suggested by the doctor, where the doctor will replace the clotted artery with other blood artery from the body.

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