What Is Lipitor And Muscle Pain

Many people who take drugs or medications do not really think of the various side effects of these drugs or medications on their own body functions, but instead think only of the various benefits. One such medication that is essential for the body is Lipitor and this article tells all about what is Lipitor and muscle pain that is associated with the intake of this medication.

Lipitor is also called as atorvastatin Calcium. This drug is a prescription drug and is prescribed for various conditions, by a Physician. When this drug is taken regularly, it can cause a lot of side effects. These side effects are not very severe usually. The severity of the side effects also depends on various other factors. They include factors such as the age of the individual who is consuming the drug. It also depends on the dosage that the individual is consuming. A person who consumes a high dose of the drug is more at risk of getting the side effects of Liptor.

There are various side effects of the drug and some of these include headache, light headedness, palpitations and also muscle pain. The muscle pain that is associated with the intake of these medications is very important and the cause of the muscle pain should be identified. There are many people who have muscle pain, but the cause of the muscle pain can be either injury or strain to the muscle.

If the muscle pain is not due to any other reason, then the person should think that the probable cause of the muscle pain is the use of the Lipitor. Adequate care and precaution in these patients should be taken and an immediate visit to a physician is very necessary because the muscle pain associated with the intake of Lipitor can cause the individual to be severely impaired.

The two most severe conditions that can be caused in a person who consumes Lipidor include conditions like myopathy and also rhabdomyolysis. A person who is suspected to have these conditions should immediately be taken care of because myopathy is damage to the muscle tissue that can cause the muscle to lose the function and when the muscle loses the function, then the various movements of the person are impaired.

Rhabdomyolysis is another severe condition because when a person is affected by this condition, the person can have various associated problems that can even include kidney diseases and even failure of the kidney. Muscle pain or tenderness in people who are on a treatment of Lipitor should immediately be treated appropriately.


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