What Is Aerobic Activity?

When someone is trying to get into shape or lose weight, aerobic activity is often recommended. Many people think of a type of exercise called aerobics when they hear the phrase “aerobic activity.” However, there are many different kinds of aerobic activity. What is aerobic activity?

Aerobic activity is typically comprised of rhythmic repetition of motion for a period of time. The large muscle groups are used repeatedly during aerobic exercise. Aerobic activity causes the heart and lungs to work harder than usual. Becoming more active with aerobic activity is considered to be a way to reduce the risk of certain medical conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

Running, jogging, and walking at a brisk pace are common aerobic exercises. Other aerobic exercise activities include bicycling, dancing, and swimming. Some exercise machines like stair climbers and stationary bikes are designed for aerobic activity. Though people may be tempted to spend money on aerobics machines and devices, they should remember that walking and many other types of aerobic activity are free.

Aerobics is a type of aerobic activity that is similar to dance. People typically follow the instructors movements and direction throughout the aerobics. Though many aerobics programs and DVDs contain a combination of exercises for multiple parts of the body, some aerobics programs focus on toning a specific body part.

Another type of exercise is anaerobic exercise. Strength training such as weightlifting is popular anaerobic exercise. When lifting weights, the muscles are exercised, but the heart and lungs do not need to work as hard as they do during aerobic exercise.

People who have sedentary lifestyles are encouraged to become more active. Exercise programs strongly suggest consulting a physician before beginning exercise to make sure the person is healthy enough to start an exercise programs. Many times, doctors will recommend beginning with brief periods of exercise and gradually increasing the length and intensity of the exercise.

Those who have not had much exercise for a long time may feel intimidated or unable to exercise. Increasing activity level by adding slightly more physical activity during the day is a common way of moving beyond being sedentary. For example, a person looking to prepare to start an exercise program to get into shape can park their cars farther from the store and walk a longer distance to the store. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a common suggestion for increasing activity level.


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