What Does Vitamin D Do

Vitamin D is one of the important vitamins in the body. It is a fat soluble vitamin which means that it will get dissolved and absorbed only in the presence of fat in the body. There are also various sources of vitamins and one of the natural sources of vitamin D is the sunlight which is absorbed by the skin and Vitamin D is made for the use of the body’s functioning. There are various times when there is not adequate amount of this Vitamin available in the body and it can cause various deficiency diseases. This brings us to the question what does Vitamin D do in the body.

Vitamin D is a very important Vitamin because it helps in the absorption of Calcium and also Phosphorous in the body. Both these minerals are very important in the strength of the bones. If a person does not have enough of these minerals in the body, it can cause demineralization of the bones. This is a risk that can occur in a person with Vitamin D levels that are less in the body.

Another important function that Vitamin D does in the body is that it prevents diseases like Rickets, Osteomalacia and also osteoporosis. These are all diseases related to the strength and formation of the bones. A child who has low levels of Vitamin D will have Rickets. This is because the Vitamin D is unable to absorb Calcium and Phosphorous needed to keep the bones strong, because of their low levels.

Vitamin D helps to prevent Osteomalacia and also Osteoporosis in adults by strengthening the bones and making sure that the bones have adequate amounts of Calcium and phosphorous.

A person who wants to prevent these complications from occurring, because of the decreased levels of the Vitamin D in the body, should make sure that they have adequate amount of this Vitamin in the body. The person can make sure of this by having adequate exposure to sunlight. The person can also take a diet that is rich in this Vitamin. Using multivitamin tablets will also ensure that the person has adequate amount of this Vitamin.

Other than keeping the bones strong, Vitamin D has been found to also increase the chances of preventing any congenital deformity in a newly born child. This can happen if the woman who is pregnant has adequate amount of Vitamin D intake during the pregnancy. Vitamin D has also been found to decrease the risk of heart attack in men.


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