What Does A Torn Rotator Cuff Feel Like

The shoulder is one of the most important joints of the body. All of us do various activities with our shoulder and these activities include raising our hand and also using our hands. Almost all the activities of our hands have a relation with the shoulder because the shoulder also moves when we use the hand. In fact the shoulder is the joint that is very important in the upper limb. The muscles and the tendons in the shoulder together form the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff can also be frequently damaged because of frequently moving the shoulder in all activities. Anyone who has pain in the shoulder would like to know what does a torn rotator cuff feel like. This will help to identify a rotator cuff injury or differentiate the injury.

The first thing is that the rotator cuff injury causes severe pain in the shoulder when the person tries to do any movement of the shoulder. The reason for this is that the tissues inside the joint are injured and any movement of the joint will cause these tissues to be further stretched causing the sudden increase in the pain. This pain is very severe in the early days, immediately after the rotator cuff tear.

The severity of the pain and all the other symptoms depend on the extent of the tear of the rotator cuff. When there is a severe tear, the person will not be able to even lift the hands and the pain will also be unbearable. When the pain is decreased or less, it might signify a rotator cuff injury that is healing or a mild tear in the rotator cuff.

The pain and also the tear itself in the rotator cuff can cause the person to not be able to raise the hands. The reason for this is that the pain is so severe that raising the hands will cause more pain and the patient tries to protect the part by avoiding to lift the hand. There are times when the tear in the muscle causes the person to not be able to lift the hand because the muscles are the ones that help to lift the hand and the tear makes it impossible for them to lift the hand.

There are times when there can also be weakness and this is how the person feels it to be too. The weakness can cause the person to have decreased function too. All overhead activities too become difficult when there is a rotator cuff tear.


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