What Do Mosquito Bites Look Like

Mosquito are little blood sucking bugs that bite humans and feed on human’s blood because human’s blood contain nutrients and high amount of oxygen. Those nutrients inside human’s blood are essential for the growth of the mosquito. An adult mosquito can go on for 24 hours without food after feeding on human’s blood. Some mosquito causes disease such as malaria and dengue. However, those disease carrier mosquitoes can only be found in the tropical climate country. You will need to know what do mosquito bites look like in order to treat the bite.

The skin area bitten by a mosquito will become inflamed along with swelling. There will be a raised red bump on the skin and it will be very itchy on the area of the skin. These bumps on the skin are due to our allergic reaction of the anesthetic, which is found on the mosquito’s “needle” and mosquito bites can remain visible for a few days depending on the condition of the skin. However, there are some people who have no reaction and allergic to mosquito bite, all they feel is just the itch caused from anesthetic from the mosquito.

The itchy, red bumps are the most common symptom of mosquito bite. The bite could appear in a tight line of multiple, small, red marks on the body. Depending on the area of the skin that is bitten by mosquito. Mosquito will tend to feed until they are full and they have the ability to sense heat and blood. They are a solitary insects, which means when one mosquito found a place to feed, the other mosquito will come in swarm as well.

There are very rare cases reporting a mosquito bite allergy. The allergy can come with nausea and illness and scratching on the area, which is bitten will lead to an infection that contain yellow, white or even greenish pus. If you happen to experience mosquito bite allergy, it is advisable that you visit the hospital immediately. Mosquito are very commonly found in homes that are dirty and dark. It is best if you clean your house and make it less cluttered to remove the hiding place for the mosquito.


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