What Causes Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are a very common condition that has been experienced by almost all people. There are various causes of muscle cramps and the individual with the muscle cramp may not really know what has caused the muscle cramp and if it is dangerous. There are some simple causes of muscle cramps that are not dangerous, but there are some more conditions that can be dangerous. A person has to know what causes muscle cramps so that they can identify the cause and take adequate precautions or treat the muscle cramp accordingly.

Muscle cramp is a condition in which the muscle of the person that is cramping is in a state of sustained contraction. This is commonly called as a spasm. This is a protective mechanism in which the muscle stays in a state of contraction to protect itself and to prevent further injury.

The most common cause of muscle cramp is the injury that has occurred to the muscle or even the part of the body. When there is an injury, the muscle gets into a state of sustained contraction. This is so because, when the muscle is in a state of contraction, then there is little chance of more injury to the part of the body.

Decrease in certain essential salts can also be another common cause of muscle cramps. When the level of Sodium, Calcium and potassium decrease in the body of the person, then it too can cause muscle cramps. This can cause various other problems too. So this kind of muscle cramp will decrease if the person takes an adequate diet that is balanced and has all the essential foods in it. This kind of muscle cramp is usually caused if a person is dehydrated. If the person does not take food regularly, then it can lead to dehydration and along with it, there can be a loss of essential salts leading to muscle cramps. This is the reason for various sports people getting muscle cramps on the field.

Muscle cramps can also occur in a person if the muscle has been overworked. A person may have done some activity that is not normal for that person. Excessive activity by the individual can cause the muscle to be in a state of sustained contraction due to over activity. This can also be the cause of muscle cramps in the individual. These are the various common causes of muscle cramps that can occur.


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