What Causes Lupus

Lupus is a condition that can cause various problems to the person who is suffering from the condition. In fact it is a very severe problem and can affect many body systems. Lupus can be caused due to various factors and one who has been affected by this disease would first like to know what causes lupus as this will make them learn more about the disease.

Lupus is an auto immune disease which means that the immune system of the body does not recognize the persons own tissues and thinks of it as a foreign body. This causes the immune system to attack various parts of the body and damage these parts. The signs and symptoms of this disease are all based on the part of the body that is attacked and damaged by the immune system.

The first and most common cause of this disease is the genetic factors that are present in the body of the individual. People whose parents or relatives have this disease are more at risk of getting this disease. This is the reason for the family history being very important in the identification of this disease.

There are various triggers that can cause the person to get the disease. This is because there are certain factors that are present in the environment and these can cause the person to get the disease. Certain toxins that are present in the environment can act as a trigger to cause this disease. Other triggers may include factors like ultraviolet light, toxins in the food, water and other similar environmental factors.

There are certain times at which the immune system of the body is down and these are times at which this disease can manifest itself in people. The times when the immune system is down include the time of pregnancy, decreased food intake and also in those with certain other infections that cause the immune system to be compromised.

Certain medicines that are given to the patient to treat diseases can also be a trigger that causes the person to be affected by this disease. There are so many different kinds of drugs being used these days that they can act as a toxin in the body and they can cause the person to have the immune system lowered and can cause the disease. There are times at which any one single factor may not cause the disease, but a combination of all these factors may cause the condition.


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