What Causes Low Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is one of the important vitamins in the body. This is produced naturally in the body when the sunlight is absorbed by the body and synthesized. Vitamins are usually of two types, Fat soluble and water soluble. The Vitamin D is of the fat soluble type. There are various benefits of this Vitamin D. Sometimes due to various causes, there can be a decreased level of this Vitamin in the body and when there is a decrease in the levels of this Vitamin, certain disorders can occur in the body. This makes one to wonder as to what causes low Vitamin D levels.

There are actually many causes of this decreased Vitamin D levels. One should learn about the uses and sources of the Vitamin D if they can understand the causes of the low Vitamin D levels. One of the main sources of the Vitamin D is the sun. When the person is exposed to the sun, the skin absorbs the sunlight to produce this Vitamin. The Vitamin D can also be found in various foods that we consume. These include a few vegetables and also other kind of food. It is mainly found in fish and fish oils.

When the body does not have adequate amount of this Vitamin, it can cause various deficiency disorders. One of the main causes of the decreased Vitamin D levels is the decreased exposure to sunlight. There are various reasons for the decreased exposure to the sunlight. A person may be working in a night job and may be sleeping during the day. It could also be that the person works in a place where exposure to sun is very limited. The person may also be living in a place where the sun may not be seen much.

The other reason for the decreased Vitamin D level could be the decreased intake of this Vitamin in the diet. When the diet is devoid of this Vitamin, then the person could suffer from the consequences. This is the reason for the person who is not exposed much to sunlight needing to have a diet rich in Vitamin D.

There are also times when the person may have dark skin. This also affects the amount of Vitamin D produced in the body because of the decreased ability of the sunlight to be absorbed by the skin. There are also certain disease conditions that cause the person to have decreased levels of Vitamin D in the body. A person who has a disease like Crohn’s disease can have diarrhea where the Vitamin D is eliminated from the body leading to lack of this Vitamin. A person can also have decreased fat content in the body. This can cause the person’s system to be unable to absorb the Vitamin. These are the various causes of Vitamin D deficiency.


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