What Causes A Heart Attack

A heart attack is a common problem that is faced by many people. Heart attacks are usually seen in older people. These days, the age does not seem to be a barrier for heart attack to affect people. This is because there are freak instances of people who are from the younger age group being affected by heart attacks. The usual age groups of people who are affected by heart attacks are those above the age of 40. A person who has had a heart attack and has survived it may be wondering as to what causes a heart attack. A person who has not got a heart attack, but has been found to be at a risk of an attack will also be wondering what causes a heart attack.

The heart is made up of muscle tissue and the heart muscle too needs blood to function. The heart pumps all the time because of the very rich blood supply that it has got, through the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries carry blood to the heart muscle which makes it function to the maximum. This can change over a period of time. This is especially so when the individual has various changes in the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart.

The changes in the walls of these coronary arteries are all based on the diet and lifestyle of the individual. A person may be a smoker or a person who eats a lot of fried substances that may increase the cholesterol levels. The sedentary lifestyle of the individual may also be another cause for the various changes in the arteries. The actual change that occurs in the arteries is the formation of atherosclerosis in these coronary arteries. A person with atherosclerosis will have decreased blood going to the heart. This decreased blood to the heart of the individual will cause discomfort and pain in the chest region.

There are times when the individual may actually have a complete stop in the blood that is supplied by the coronary arteries to a particular part of the heart. This causes death of some of the muscle tissue in the heart. This is the major cause of heart attack. The extent of the death of heart muscle is a crucial indicator of the survival and prognosis of the individual. People, who have a lot of their heart muscle dead, will find that their heart attack is fatal. At the same time, death of a small portion of the heart muscle can usually spare the life of the individual.


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