What Causes Hangovers

Hangovers are very familiar to people who drink alcohol regularly. This is a condition where the individual has certain symptoms of head ache, nausea and even vomiting after a binge of heavy drinking. People who drink, almost invariably feel this at one point or another. What causes hangovers is a question that has many answers because hangovers can be caused by a host of various reasons.

The most common cause of hangover is the amount of congeners that are present in a drink. Congeners are substances that are present in a drink. These congeners cause the hangover in the individual if they are present in large amounts. As the drink becomes pure, the congeners decrease and they do not cause a lot of hangover. This is especially true if one drinks Vodka that has very little congeners.

The amount of drink that a person has also plays an important role in the hangover that a person feels. If the person drinks a huge amount of drinks, then the chances of hangovers are more. This is especially true if the individual is on an empty stomach. If the individual has not eaten before drinking, then the amount of alcohol that is absorbed by the blood is more and this circulation of the blood mixed with alcohol can cause hangovers in the individual.

The other factor that can cause hangovers in an individual is the additives in the alcohol. There are many drinks that are impure and can have a cocktail of other drinks or other substances. This can be a major cause of hangover in individuals. The regularity of drinking also plays a role in the cause of hangover. If an individual drinks every day regularly, then the individual may not have a hangover. If the individual is not a regular drinker, but drinks heavily on one day, then the chances of hangover are more.

There are many other factors that can also play a role in the cause of hangover. If the individual has decreased amount of body acceptance level to the alcohol, then the person will have the various symptoms of hangover. If the individual’s body accepts the alcohol, then the individual may not show any signs of a hangover. Whatever the cause of the hangover in the individual, the person should know that drinking in moderation is not injurious, but if the person drinks a lot, then the person can have various health problems.


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