What Causes Constipation

Constipation is a condition in which a person finds it difficult to defecate. This can occur due to various reasons and it can also be treated by various methods. There are also people in different ages who can be affected by this condition. When one considers the question as to what causes constipation, the basic reason is considered to be the loss of water that causes the stools to be more solid and this causes constipation. The colon may cause the water in the stools to be absorbed more than what is needed for the body and this can cause the individual to have constipation.

There are various other conditions in which an individual can have constipation. These causes include a decrease of the intake of fiber in the food. A person who is on a diet may not have a lot of fiber in the diet and this can also be a cause for constipation. Even people who are not on a weight reducing diet may not consume fiber in their diet and this can be a cause of the constipation.

A person who consumes food, but does very little exercise may also have a high risk for having constipation. This is because only when the person exercises adequately, will the abdominal contents be digested quicker and the person will have normal stools. If the person does not exercise, then the person may not have adequate digestive abilities and this can cause constipation.

Ageing itself can cause constipation. This is because of the weakness of the various muscles in the body. The abdominal contents need muscle action to have the peristaltic movement. When this decreases, the person will have increased water absorption in the body, which can lead to stools with decreased water content, which can lead to constipation.

Pregnancy can also cause constipation in many people. The consumption of the milk and milk products can also cause constipation in a person. There are other causes of constipation too that are not well known by the individuals. These include causes like traveling, that causes a person’s routine to be changed and this can cause the individual to have constipation.

There are certain diseases of the colon, where the motility of the stools is decreased and also diseases of the rectum can also cause a person to have constipation. These are the various causes of constipation that everyone should know.


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