What Causes Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that can affect people from any age group. This is because of the various types of arthritis. Each type of arthritis can have various causes. So it is not very simple to explain as to what causes arthritis. The important factor is that arthritis can be caused usually due to the age of the person. As a person gets older, the person has a higher chance of getting arthritis. One of the possible reasons for the age causing an effect on the occurrence of arthritis is the fact that the muscles become weaker in old age and the bones have to go through a lot of stress.

Arthritis can also be caused because of the weight of the individual. This is especially true about osteoarthritis. This is a condition that usually affects the knee joint. When a person gets old, and also when the individual is overweight, it can cause the individual to have excessive stress on the knee. This condition can cause the individual to have osteoarthritis.

Various diseases can also cause arthritis in an individual. There are certain conditions where there are excessive storage of certain salts in the persons body. This can also be a cause of arthritis. One of the most common examples of an arthrits that is caused by the deposition of Calcium oxalate crystals is Gout, which is a type of arthritis. There are also certain other types of arthritis that are caused by the same mechanism where the deposition of other materials causes arthritis in an individual.

Another cause of arthritis can also be any history of a previous injury in the joint. This injury that has occurred is the predisposing factor for the individual to have arthrtis. A person may have fallen and injured the knee or the individual may have had a fractiure in a particular joint area. Individuals who have a history of any ligament injury in the knee area can also have a chance of getting arthritis. The most common type of arthritis that occurs by this mechanism is osteoarthritis.

There are people who have arthritis with no obvious cause and these types of arthritis are called as idiopathic arthritis which means that the arthritis does not seem to have any cause. Certain diseases like immune disorders can also be the cause for a person to get arthritis. The cause of the arthritis is very important and should be identified because the treatment of the arthritis depends on the cause.


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