What Can I Eat On The Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is caused by the weak digestive system, which cause the body’s inability to absorb nutrients from food. This means that young people who are diagnosed with celiac disease may not grow properly, suffer from weight loss and will be facing fatigue problem. You maybe wondering what can I eat on the celiac disease if you diagnosed with it or maybe you are just suspecting. People who are suffering from celiac disease can increase their condition by following a diet free from gluten.

Gluten is a type of protein component that can be found in cereals such as, wheat, rye and barley. The main component of gluten is known as gliadin, which is the main cause of celiac disease. Although you are avoiding gluten from your daily diets, you will not be able to completely remove gluten from your diet because gluten can be found in other type as well.

In order to have a gluten free diet, you will need to do your homework and if you are positive that you are suffering from celiac disease, knowing about foods that contain a high amount of gluten will allow you to avoid the unsafe foods. If you do your research on the internet you will be able find several websites that contain a lot of information about gluten-free diets and foods, as well as other several information on celiac disease.

Having celiac disease will not stop you from enjoying your favorite foods. However, it is important for you to avoid the ingredients and foods that contain gluten. For example, if you are a big fan of cakes, you can make the cake from gluten-free flour instead of wheat flour. You must avoid soy sauce, stock cubes and soups that are readily packed. However, you can still use salt, pepper, vinegar, herbs, tamari and yeast to add taste into your food.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended in you daily diet as they are rich in nutrients to keep your body strong and healthy. Alternatively, you can even become a vegetarian and pick up the vegetarian diet as the vegetables and fruits are confirmed not to contain any gluten at all.


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