What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease that has affected millions of people worldwide and is slowly becoming one of the most dangerous diseases that are present. This is because of the decreased complications and symptoms that occur in the initial stages of the disease till it becomes very complicated. So what are the symptoms of diabetes is a question to which every single person needs to know the answer. This will help them to identify the disease as early as possible and this in turn can help to treat the disease in the early stages.

The main symptoms also called as the cardinal signs of diabetes include polyphagia which means that the person is very hungry at all times because of the metabolic changes in the body. Polyurea which means that the individual is very frequently urinating and polydipsia which means that he person feels very thirty at all times, probably because of the increased urination. Fatigue is another common sign of diabetes.

The most common symptoms of diabetes depend on the system that is affected. The nervous system can be affected and also the other systems in the body. The initial symptoms though can be a loss of weight that is caused because of the decreased insulin that is present in the system. The decreased weight of the person is usually associated with increased hunger as already said, so the people who have diabetes eat more as normal and in spite of the increased intake of food, the person keeps losing weight.

Another important symptom that is commonly seen in people affected by diabetes is the increased thirst. The reason for the increase in the thirst of individuals is not well known, but the thirst is present probably because of another symptom of diabetes which is the frequency of urination that occurs. The increased frequency in the urination causes the decreased amount of water in the system and this is the common reason for the increased thirst in individuals.

Many people who have their nerves affected because of the diabetes can have numbness and tingling in the lower extremity. When the person is affected by severe nerve damage, the numbness can also manifest as decreased sensation or a complete loss of sensation in the feet. Other than these signs of nerve damage, there can also be pain in the legs because of the nerve damage.

The other common symptoms of diabetes can include those such as decreased blood supply to the extremities. Many people would have experiences cold and clammy legs mainly because of diabetes.

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