What Are The Possible Causes For Tingling In Left Arm?

Tingling In Left Arm – In general, tingling in the arm is a condition called paresthesias. The person may experience different sensations such as tingling, pins and needles, numbness, burning, or a prickling sensation. There are several possible causes for tingling in left arm.

Since tingling or pain in the left arm is often associated with a heart attack, it is not a condition to ignore. If a person has tingling in the left arm and any other heart attack symptoms such as sweating, nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, or dizziness, the person should call emergency medical services immediately.

A cause of tingling in the arm can be damage to the nerve. The nerve disease can be due to a condition like diabetes that compromises nerve health. Nerve damage due to diabetes is called diabetic neuropathy. Nerve damage can also be from injury or pressure.

An injury can directly impair the functioning of the nerves or cause a fracture of a bone of the arm. In addition to paresthesias, a fractured arm usually has swelling and bruising near the site of the fracture. An x-ray is used to determine the severity of the fracture. This helps the physician decide on the best treatment for the fracture.

An arachnoid cyst is a rare cause of tingling in the arms or legs. A cyst of the arachnoid layer is a fluid-filled sac that forms near the base of the brain or spinal cord. An arachnoid cyst may cause headaches or seizures depending on the location and severity of the condition.

Fisher (M.) syndrome is one of the rare causes of arm tingling. Fisher (M.) syndrome often develops after a person has contracted a virus. It is an autoimmune syndrome which means that the person’s immune system is attacking their own body. With Fisher (M.) syndrome, the immune system attacks the lining of the nerves. This syndrome is not a life threatening condition.

A back tumor can develop in the vertebrae of the spinal cord. A tumor in this location can put pressure on the nerves and cause pain or tingling in the arms and legs as well as other parts of the body. A person with a back tumor will often experience pain in the neck or back.

Acroparesthesia syndrome is a condition that causes stiffness or tingling in the arms. It may also cause numbness. Acroparesthesia syndrome usually affects the lower arms and hands. This condition is most common in middle-aged women.


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