What Are The Causes Of Heart Blockage

Heart blockage occurs when the heartbeats irregularly slower than the normal heartbeats and sometimes, the heart even stop for as long as 20 seconds. A healthy heart will have the beats of 60 – 80 times a minute. Heartbeat occurs when the muscles of the heart contract and push blood around the body. These muscle contractions are usually controlled by the electrical signals that travel between the heart’s upper chambers, known as the atria and the lower chambers, known as the ventricles. You maybe curious now, what are the causes of heart blockage. Heart blockage is generally caused by a delay or disruption of electrical signals that control the heartbeat.

If those electrical impulses in your body are delayed or stopped, you will experience partial heart block and your heart may not beat regularly. However, if the electrical signals are stopped completely, you will experience complete heart block and your heart beat rate will drop significantly to around 40 times a minute. Heart block will reduce your heart’s efficiency, disallowing your heart to push blood around the body. This means your muscles, brain and other organs in your body may not get enough oxygen to work properly.

There are several causes of heart blockage and one of it is Mydocarditis, which is the inflammation of the heart muscles and usually occurs because of viral or bacterial infections and know to cause heart failure. When the heart muscles inflamed, the electrical impulses will be blocked and the heart will not be able to pump blood to the other part of the body.

Artery disease also known as one of the causes for heart blockage, when the coronary arteries become clogged up with plague or even cholesterol, the transfer of electrical impulses will causes blockages. If these arteries are blocked heart attack or stroke will occur because these arteries will not be able to pump out blood that contain rich amount of oxygen.

Another causes of the heart blockage is cardiomyopahty, an inflammation of the heart due to the infection of the heart muscles and other part of the heart. Usually arise from other complications and this condition can be treated with prescribed medicine from the doctor. No matter what are the causes of heart blockage, if you are experiencing one it is best for you to consult your doctor immediately.


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