What Are The Causes Of Hand Numbness

If you always feel the numbness feeling on your hand and it does get uncomfortable after you feel the numbness most of the time. When your hand feels numb, it feels really weak and you could not even use your hand to carry things. You are thinking what are the causes of hand numbness? The causes of hand numbness vary from one individual to another. It can be caused of a really serious problem like nerve damage or poor ergonomics. This is because most of the nerves in the hand are connected to one another. The nerves in the arm are usually connected to the fingers. You may experience nerves damage if you have been into an accident and you should consult your doctor especially when the numbness is always followed by shooting pain on the same area.

Hand numbness however can also be an indication for serious medical conditions. One of the symptoms of stroke is hand numbness, which comes on suddenly and followed by a shooting pain in the arm. If you experience this, you may experience stroke in the future and you should receive an emergency treatment.

When your hand remains inactive for a period of time and you do not realize it, for example when you are sleeping or sitting. It may block the circulation of blood in your hand and this can cause hand numbness. You should try to move, shake and do some light exercise with your hand and if the numbness go away quickly, it is normal. However, if your hand still remains numb after you exercise it, you should consult your doctor. It maybe caused of lack of blood supply to the hand, which is the result of plaque buildup in the arteries and this can be a serious medical condition.

You may suffer from a nerve damage if the numbness in your hand persists. According to the National Institutes of Health’s research, when the disc in the back suffers from nerve damage it will cause the hands to go numb. When you are changing your posture, the disc will put pressure on the nerves and this will cause numbness. It is usually associated with the injury on the top of the spine, near the neck area that will cause the numbness in hands.


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