What Are The Causes Of Dizziness

Everybody will experience dizziness at some point of his or her life. Some people will experience the type of dizziness where they everything around them are spinning, while some will feel lightheaded and weak, some will feel like everything is fading away and things start to get dark and they will eventually black out completely. If you have experience any of that, you may want to know what are the causes of dizziness. Dizziness usually happen when there is a decrease of blood supply to the brain. Therefore, any condition that decreases the blood supply to the brain will cause dizziness.

However, sometimes dizziness is a symptom of a multiple conditions, as such the spinning sensation when you are feeling dizzy is very often being associated with the condition known as vertigo. However, there are other cause of dizziness and your dizziness maybe symptoms to some of these conditions.

One of the most common causes for dizziness is low blood pressure. If a person’s blood pressure drops, they may feel dizzy and lightheaded, a very high chance they may pass out if the condition is severe. When a person is suffering from low blood pressure, the blood circulation in the body unable to deliver blood that is high in oxygen to the brain, this will cause dizziness. Some people may even experience nausea, sweating, vomiting, chest pain and shortness of breath. Low blood pressure maybe the symptom of a medical condition, which is known as anemia.

Heat stroke occurs when a person spent too much time in the hot sun and heat stroke is known to cause dizziness. If a person is not use to a different climate where there is extreme heat, very humid place and the sun is burning they will be easily exposed to heat wave. When it is heated up, human’s body will try to remove heat from the body. However if the body temperature raise too quickly and to which the body usually will not able to take it, this situation is known as a heat stroke. It is a serious medical illness and should be treated immediately if someone is suffering from it.


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