What Are The Causes Of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is slowly catching the population into its clutches. It is sometimes referred to as the silent killer. The reason is that it is usually not diagnosed by people unless they go for a routine check-up or for treating some other condition. Diabetes is an example of a disease that is rarely identified due to the symptoms caused by the disease itself. What are the causes of diabetes mellitus is a question that needs answering if people can take proper precautions to protect against this major disease?

As with any chronic disease, the cause is not singular. There are a host of causes that help this disease to develop in a person. The most common cause of diabetes is due to the genetic predisposition of a person. If the parents of an individual are diabetic, the person is more prone to get diabetes.

The age of the individual also plays a role as more people who are getting older get the disease. The race of the person may also play a role in causing this chronic disease. More and more Asians are getting this disease, probably due to the sudden change in their lifestyle to a more affluent one. The lifestyle of an individual can itself be a cause for diabetes to occur. In fact, those who are consuming rich food with decreased exercises are more prone to get diabetes.

Stress is a major cause of diabetes. This is because when people are exposed to a lot of stress, they have their sugar levels in the blood elevated. This is usually temporary and after the stress is removed, the sugar levels come back to the normal level.

Medications can also be a factor that causes diabetes. In fact, steroids are known to cause diabetes and this is called steroid-induced diabetes. Pregnancy can also cause diabetes due to hormonal variation and also the stress related to pregnancy and this is called gestational diabetes.

Hypertension is another condition that is closely linked to diabetes and many people who are hypertensive have been found to have diabetes. This is a link that has to be further researched. These are the major causes of diabetes mellitus. These causes can make a person have the symptoms of diabetes and the individual should take adequate precautions to control the disease as it can cause damage to various systems in the body.


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