How To Wear Earbuds

Earbuds can produce quality sound if worn properly. Some people complain that earbuds fall out of their ears. This is often from not wearing them as they are intended. Especially if the person is used to traditional headphones, the person may need to know how to wear earbuds.

Many electronics now come with earbuds. Though some people prefer to throw the earbuds away and use their earphones, many people use earbuds. In most cases, any standard headphones will work with the electronics device, some are designed to only be used with those earbuds. Some companies sell adaptors to allow the user to use headphones. The iPod Shuffle is an example of an electronics product that requires an adaptor to use with headphones.

Earbuds have an “L” and an “R” on each earpiece to signify which ear they are for. In some cases, only one earpiece is marked. Not everyone’s ears are the same size or shape. When an earbud is placed in the ear correctly, the long part of the earbud that attaches to the wire should fit into the indent in the ear near the ear canal.

Some people find some brands of earbuds easier to wear than other brands. Some earbuds vary slightly in shape and size. If the standard earbuds that fit with the wire leading from below the ear don’t fit well, the person may want to buy a different design of earbuds. Shure earbuds fit in the ear with the wire leading upward over the outer ear.

If the person still has difficulty keeping earbuds in place, the person may want to look for an earbud that includes an accessory to keep the earbuds in place. Some earbuds have a piece that fits around the outer ear. If the earbuds themselves do not have accessories that fit around the outer ear, there are earbud accessory sets.

These earbud accessories can be helpful even if the earbuds do not normally fall out easily if the person is to use earbuds during physical activity like working or jogging. Otherwise, the earbuds may frequently fall out. If the wire might get snagged on things and rip the earbuds out of the ears, the person may want to wear the wire through their shirt.

One of the benefits of earbuds is their inexpensive costs. Earbuds can be found for under ten dollars. The cheapest earbuds may not have the best sound quality, but some earbuds have excellent quality and features like noise cancellation to shut out background noise.


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