How To Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is known as one of the most dangerous medical condition that can happen to people. The hereditary and environmental risk factors are well known to increase your chance of developing heart disease. Of course you will not be able to change your family history or the genes in your body that you are hereditary but you can contribute to lower the risk of heart disease towards the factors that you are able to control. If most of your family members are suffering from heart disease, you will be at the high-risk in terms of you suffering from heart disease and you may want to know how to prevent heart disease.

Try to find out about your family history, you may not be able to change the genes that you are born with but being aware of it and consultation with doctor will help your doctor to recognize and symptoms of your heart disease.

If you are currently smoking, quit now! Your risk of developing heart disease is twofold compared the non-smoker. However, if you are a smoker and you always smoke in your house, you will expose your family to the second-hand smoke and they will be expose to the risk of developing heart disease.

The level of cholesterol in your body could be the risk factor and you should have a constant check up for your cholesterol levels. Your blood pressure is another factor that could contribute to your heart disease. If you always experience high blood pressure, consult your doctor and he will prescribe you with medication that will lower your blood pressure and maintain it at an appropriate level.

One of the most common factors for heart disease in United States is the weight factor. For people who are overweight or obese, the chances of getting heart disease are much higher than other people without the disease. Take an initiative to lose weight, as every pounds you lose the lower your risk for heart disease.

Another factor that you must take into account is the amount you exercise. When you exercise, you are actually training your heart to pump more blood. The more your heart trains, the stronger it will become and you will reduce the risk of heart disease significantly.


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