How Much Does Flipper Teeth Cost – Flipper Tooth Bridge Cost

A dental flipper (tooth) is an option to replacing a missing tooth. Though dental implants are much more secure and often more comfortable than flipper teeth, the expense of dental implants inhibits many people from being able to obtain the better option.

Flipper teeth are in fact false teeth that are held in place by an apparatus similar to an orthodontic retainer. These flipper teeth may also be secured to other teeth with metal clips. Even though the flipper teeth improve the person’s appearance, the person may have difficulty chewing with these false teeth since they are not very secure. Most people remove them when they are eating.

Commonly used, the flipper teeth are often considered a temporary solution until the person can afford a dental implant or bridge. Flipper teeth can be uncomfortable and difficult to get used to. Many people using flipper teeth complain of irritation of their mouths.

How much do flipper teeth cost? In the United States, flipper teeth typically cost about five hundred dollars. For many people, this is just too expensive for a temporary solution to missing teeth. If the person will soon be able to afford the implant or bridge to replace the missing tooth or teeth, the person may want to consider temporarily going without the tooth.

Whether the person can continue to live without the missing tooth or must buy flipper teeth until they can afford a dental implant or bridge is really a personal decision. For instance, going without the tooth may be somewhat easier for someone who works in the home compared to someone who is in the public spotlight. A person must decide their tolerance of being without teeth to determine if the flipper teeth are a necessary expense.

Getting dental implants is not an instant solution to missing teeth. The process of getting a bridge or dental implants can take several months. The first stage of getting a dental implant requires oral surgery to anchor the implant in the jaw. The person must often wait 3 to 6 months or longer before the second stage can be completed. Therefore, that person may decide to use flipper teeth until the dental implants can be prepared and implanted.


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